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Donair's Dude story

First ever Donair Dude has been opened during Winter Olympics in February 2010. If anyone remembers, the way it looked back then has by now grew into something the founders only dreamed about at the beginning of it all. And yet, they still keep going forward and putting their hearts into every single open DD restaurant. Their first vision was to open a restaurant where people can taste a real Turkish donair because they couldn't find any in whole Vancouver city. Throughout all these years, Donair Dude has shaped into something more, not just serving an authentic mediterranean food but also blending it with North American food culture in a best way possible.


Fresh, healthy and affordable choice

We take pride in delivering quality meals made fresh, right in front of your eyes. Our chicken, beef and lamb is slow roasted to perfection. Our pitas, tortillas, and rice plates are made with only the freshest quality ingredients. 

                    We are Donair Dude

Donair Dude
Chicken Donair Donair Dude

From the press

"There are plenty of places to find slabs of meat around town, but Donair Dude is one place that does it right."

​​​"It’s hard not to like a place called Donair Dude."

Best of the City: Dining 2016 - Reader's choice"Best Donair - 1. Donair Dude"

 "Donair Dude is one such eatery that is open until late offering large-sized donairs with fresh ingredients that’s also easy on the wallet.... The donairs were just a handful of yumminess without being too heavy."

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